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iranische Veranstaltungen / Events (iranishe/ persische Musik, Tanz, Film, Literatur, Kunst und TV) in Österreich!

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  برنامه های هنری، سینمایی، تلویزیون، فرهنگی، ادبی و غیره ایرانیان در اتریش  
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Eine traditionelle persische Komödie
Buch und Regie: Massud Rahnama
Eine Produktion der Theatergruppe, T-CUP: Theater - Commedia und Poesie
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Khaschayar in the Palace of Harun Al RaschidTeam of, Below you willfind my comment of your theatre presentation in the Studio Molière in this weekend.
I wish you good luck and all the best for a successful year 2006. Best wishes for the future.
thank you for being with you.

Cornelia KAISER

The Studio Molière celebrated a huge success yesterday. A traditional Persian comedy was on stage. During the last weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 2 performances a day, demanded a nearly professional and high standard to meet the requirements of the audience.


Khaschayar in the Palace of Harun Al RaschidThe gifted director and author Massud Rahnama, presented in his mother tongue Farsi the comedy: Khaschayar in the Palace of Harun Al Raschid, produced by the group T-Cup: theatre - commedia and poesie. The actors played excellently; there was a real harmonization between the audience, and the players. Mr Massud Rahnama, did his job pretty well. Different funny situations raised -a mirror of daily sarcastic life in its various modifications and in the language of ambiguities - brought the actors, the comedians, and the audience to true explosions of laughter but also to a greater and closer understanding to enjoy the puns artistically woven into the storyline.

KashayarThe decoration was nicely selected in its colours. The excellent cooperation of the directors has to be commended: Fantastically, the complete teamwork of the theatre group that had the sure instinct how to bring both the fabulous interpretation of the comedy and the charm of the artists over to the audience. Again and again, the very point of information hit the nail on the head to make the spectators laugh.



khajehThere was a true active and positive interaction between the performance on stage and the public. The group T-Cup: theatre commedia and poesie had better go public. The municipality of Vienna, certainly, appreciates it to celebrating those cultural events with regularly follow-ups, even presented in native tongue, during the Wiener Festspielwochen.


Farhad Nasehee


Avishan Karimi


Payam Bagheri
(Jafar Barmaki)
Jafar Barmaki
  Khaschayar in the Palace of Harun Al Raschid  

Amir Kia zandian







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Hier könnte Ihr Gratisinserat stehen.
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